Maru loves his little sister Hana.

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ya hes cute but would he call out a transmysogynist

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Vine by: Agrin

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Superhero Selfie Saturday


Your missions is simple: take a selfie inspired by a superhero (or villain) you love and post tag it ‘superhero selfie saturday’ to celebrate the wonderful characters we love in all movies and comic books and shows and to celebrate ourselves

Anything inspired by superheroes counts from a superhero t-shirt to a full cosplay selfie or a closet cosplay or maybe a business inspired outfit or just borrowing a color scheme. Have fun and be creative!


Saw my all time favourite dress. Great opportunity to shoot some close-ups!

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The best headline I’ve ever seen


The best headline I’ve ever seen

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my role model



my role model

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Replace the entire Times 100 list with 100 trans ladies. 
Some must haves of the list being: Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Isis King, Carmen Carrera, Laura Jane Grace, and Bunny Bennett. 

omfg calm down this list is OPINION


Your username is stupid and you’re being ridiculous. 

Oh wow ableism, that’s cute. 
Also how am I being ridiculous? Laverne Cox got OVERWHELMING support on the pole, and she’s not on the list. It’s unfair that trans women, especially trans women of color, are never shown any recognition. Trans people are pissed about this, because for once there was a chance for a trans woman to be put in an important spot. And that was taken away for no reason. When people like Pharell Williams and Miley Cyrus got on the list (no disrespect for them, but Laverne Cox is a very influential trans advocate and deserves to be on the list)

also “this list is OPINION” is not exactly a thrilling defense, because it’s still incredibly disappointing to discover that it’s Time’s ~opinion~ that it doesn’t matter how much support a trans woman of color gets

if you’re a trans woman of color, it doesn’t matter how much you contribute to the world, because cis white dudes will always get all the recognition for doing comparatively nothing